Constructive Conflict Creates Attraction

It is only by facilitating constructive conflict, engaging in confrontation and practicing humility and deep self-introspection that we can create attraction and significant corporate cultural shifts. Most companies live in a world of “conflict avoidance.” As a result they fail to confront dysfunctional behavior. They accept inadequate or barely adequate performance. They bask in the “comfortable” and encourage team members to place high value on “comfort” and abhor risk. When this happens they trumpet their risk adversity and this becomes the culture. Ironically this occurs more often with market leaders rather than those barely successful companies. Their success breeds arrogance. Arrogance breeds apathy. Apathy results in decline. Interrupting this progression requires redefining values and inciting a work-ethic born of “discipline and passion” NOT “necessity and incentives.” When this happens, greater attraction, growth and profitability are simply natural outcomes.

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