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Interview More Effectively
One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs today is attracting team members that match with our organizational culture. Interviewing more effectively can help to eliminate the mismatches. Today job applicants are doing more pre-interview preparation than ever before. They have rehearsed the best answers to the most typical questions. As leaders we need to ask better, more revealing questions like… “Tell me about a situation that occurred at your previous job when there was a conflict. How did you handle this?” By understanding how someone handles conflict we can gauge how they might match with our company culture.
Making Advertising Work
One of the biggest complaints I hear from business owners today is that advertising just doesn’t work the way it used to. Why? Primarily because everyone is saying the same thing. Both print and broadcast media are filled with the same old promises. Most ads, even those developed by agencies, focus on selling benefits or pushing solutions. Few ads focus on the problems that customers are having. Do you think that customers are more interested in YOUR solutions or THEIR problems? Check out the award wining ad at right that shows a smashed frog with the headline, “For those with an eye for assembly.” The ad is for the company Tamiya Assembly Toys. Tamiya specializes toys that are easy to assemble without breaking. These toys really are simple. Even I was able to assemble their solar powered car for my nephew. Get the idea? Check out our Attract More Business program for dozens of examples of how to apply a “problem-oriented” ad campaign to your business.

Attract More by Giving a Little
Here’s a company that has taken Rule # 4 of the Rules of Attraction (Giving away information without selling) to the max. What’s our most valuable commodity? That’s right, TIME! Now an organization has figured out how to automatically download the programs that you like directly onto your portable MP3 player without you doing a thing! Hey, that’s a time saver. Here’s what is best about it… It’s FREE! iPodder has teamed with companies like Warner Bros, Microsoft, Oracle, ABC, NBC, Business Week, NASA, and even Paris Hilton to produce Podcasts. For a small fee, you can even brand the broadcast as your own. Check out iPodder at: and think about what you can give away to make yourself more attractive. You can also sign-up for the Podcast of our nationally syndicated radio show, Small Business Radio at:

Full Day Workshop
Learn how to implement the Rules of Attraction in your business. Register before July 20th for my Monrovia workshop and before August 15th for my Long Beach Workshop to receive a FREE bonus ticket and bring a friend or business associate at no additional charge. The pre-registration cost of this event is just $299, a savings of $200 from the event cost of $499 at the door. Once one of my associates contacts you, if you mention that you are a business update subscriber, I’ll even throw in a free telecoaching follow-up session so that you can get the most out of the event. That’s a total value of $1148 available now for just $299. Go to: to pre-register now!

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