Revolutionize Your Business : “inside and out”

We are all quite familiar with the old comparison between “revolution” and evolution. It’s been touted as the topic for innumerable ad campaigns and tag lines which frankly have become just a little cliche. I think nearly every conscientious business leader has already become aware of the difference between merely allowing their business to evolve and truly revolutionizing its growth. More challenging however, is balancing the revolution within the business with the perception of those “outside” the business.

Revolutionizing the “internal variables” of the business requires focusing on the culture of the organization. This can be impacted by ensuring effective communication between departments and team players, as well as building a business environment where it is “safe” to take reasonable risks. Conflict is brought into the open and there is greater transparency in relationships. Most important is it a journey that focuses on personal growth for all of the key team players. Revolutionary business leaders know that when their key players are growing and maturing on a personal level, they perform better and have a greater passion for their work. This is what truly creates leadership and thrusts companies into leadership roles within their industry.Revolutionizing the “external variables” of the business requires creating a high perception of value in the marketplace. This can be impacted by ensuring that the message being delivered to customer is carefully honed to the specific needs of that target audience member. When we focus LESS on becoming a “better” option and MORE on becoming the “only” option for a highly targeted group of clients, then we separate ourselves from the competition in a dramatic way. This engages customers and creates a strong attraction to our company, product and services. Finally it is critical that every organization leverage technology in their marketing efforts. Today the most successful marketers are using sophisticated Customer Relationship Systems to create efficiencies and increase the degree of “connection” with their most loyal clients.While both of these forces (internal and external) must be effectively managed in order to achieve a high degree of change, most leaders can only focus on revolutionizing one area at a time. However, BOTH of these areas are inextricably connected and must be addressed together. In working with thousands of business leaders I have seen countless examples of marketing programs which have failed dismally due only to internal organizational dysfunction. In the same way I have seen many process improvement and cultural change programs yield very little simply because the external marketing challenges were never properly addressed. In order for true “revolution” to take place a company must commit to internal and external change, SIMULTANEOUSLY!This is why we have joined forces with Morrie Shechtman and Fifth Wave Leadership to hold our first annual “C-Suite Symposium.” The topic of course is “Revolutionizing Your Business : inside and out.” It is open ONLY to senior management leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs and so on. We will be telling you more about the symposium, the dates, times and agenda but I am asking those who are interested to let me know.In the meantime, think about what you can do to begin combining the forces of change to impact both the internal and external elements of your business. For when you see these as connected you will be taking the first step to truly revolutionizing your business.

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