The Only Solution

It was literally unheard of a decade ago, yet today it is fast on it’s way to becoming America’s NUMBER ONE cold remedy!

How has this simple, non-prescription product become such an overnight sensation?
Victoria Knight-McDowell spent years brewing herbs and swallowing vitamin cocktails to ward off students’ bacteria, but the second-grade teacher couldn’t vanquish one of the world’s most common plagues.

She refined her herbal-vitamin remedies throughout the 90s, and she experimented on herself and her family. After nearly two years without a cold, she realized she had come up with the proper ingredients for her potion. She called it Airborne and managed to sell it to a local drug store on consignment! Airborne is now sold at Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Trader Joe’s and just about any self-respecting retailer.

How has this unknown product risen from relative obscurity in one of the most competitive product categories in marketing?

By using the sixth rule of attraction… “Don’t be a better option, become the only solution.”

Mrs. McDowell didn’t create a BETTER option to other cold remedies. She literally formulated what was perceived as the ONLY solution to stopping the spread of airborne illness! Her solution is not just unique it is exclusive in several ways:

First, the product was initially marketed specifically to those who travel or often find themselves in public places. No herbal, vitamin or pharmaceutical product ever made a claim to such a tightly confined audience.

Second the product is aptly named so that it exclusively addresses this particular market segment… Airborne (as in “airborne” bacteria). This is quite simple and easy to remember.

Finally the formulation of the product itself is not only unique but quite exclusive. Airborne is the world’s first effervescent cold tablet. The marketing is built right into the product!

Think about this simple product and how they managed to win in such a fierce competitive arena. What can you do to make your product or service EXCLUSIVE? How can you aim your solution at a not a larger audience but rather a SMALLER market? How can you re-engineer you product or service to be “effervescent” – that is have a twist that makes it completely different than any of your competitors? Finally what can you do to build your marketing right into your product so that you are seen as the ONLY option in a sea of copycats?

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