It’s blog, it’s blog, it’s better than bad, it’s good!

You might not remember the classic Ren and Stimpy cartoon’s Log Song which I co-opted above, but you certainly have heard about the hype surrounding blogs. ABC News even named bloggers as their persons of the year for 2004.

What is a blog and why should your business care?A blog (short for web log) is a section of a website that is extremely easy to update with little to no technical knowledge. The reason these are important to businesses is that you now have a way to quickly and easily disseminate information to clients, prospects, employees, partners, and just about anyone to whom you care to preach your message. They also can dramatically help you with search engine rankings, meaning more visitors coming to your website. Want to see some in action?Check out our blog here, and one we set up for a client here. Pretty nifty, eh? Companies of all sizes are jumping on the blog bandwagon, and you should too. It’s good enough for both GM and neighborhood businesses, and you should try it for yours. Sounds great you say? Well, not so fast!Blogs can have their downsides as well- when not properly implemented, they can look tacky and added on to your existing site, instead of an integrated part of your web presence. When adding a blog to your site, don’t settle for a pre-defined template. Insist on having it become a seamless experience for web visitors. How can you ensure this happens? Have your web designer check out our new Quick and Dirty Guide to Blogger Integration. This is a 21 page step-by-step guide through the process of adding a blog to a website using the popular free service from Google. Please let me know when you have blogs established on your website- I’d love to check them out myself to see what all of our readers are up to. I’ll even link to any blogs right from our home page that readers of this update send to me. Send me your e-mails at Have a great week! This article was written by SBA Network Sales Technology Specialist Matt Walker. You can reach him for more information at, or 714-269-4123. Attract More Business One Day Workshops
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