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Greetings from Mark Deo. I rarely use this newsletter to promote events unless I can personally attest to their value. My friend and mentor, Morrie Shechtman, and his wife Arleah have been huge influences on my life. You can read more about them at: They have a new venture they are working on, and that is the Love in the Present Tense Workshop. This workshop builds on the principles found in their best selling book, Love in the Present Tense, and helps individuals and couples learn to apply them to their lives in a lasting fashion. They have helped my wife Kathy and I build a stronger relationship than ever before. Below is some information about the event. I strongly encourage anyone seeking to improve their personal relationships to attend.

Persons that attend this workshop will learn:
Transformational, Sustained Change – We facilitate the participant’s ability to act differently and experience the results over several days with feedback and coaching
New Skills And Tools – This is not therapy. It goes beyond talking about your life and allows you to learn how to take control of your emotions and create intamacy.
How Implement in Accountability – Learn the techniques for holding yourself and others accountable for their commitments.
Eliminate Fear Of Conflict – Learn how to stop arguing and start having great fights that permit you to use conflict to resolve differences.
Purge Yourself Of Self-Doubt – Banish that nagging, toxic critic, once and for all.
Develop Your Own Personal Vision And Your Vision As A Couple – Discover the force that gives meaning to your life and relationships.

Perhaps these are areas where you may seek to grow in your relationship. Or someone you know may be having trouble with communication in their relationships. Please let them know about this workshop. Just pass on this web address: If you don’t want to bring up this sensitive issue, just reply to this e-mail with their e-mail address and we’ll contact them to let them know an anonymous friend suggested that we do.

At that web page they can find everything they’ll need to know about the event, and learn how they can qualify to attend. Our availability is extremely limited, and we only want to have attendees that are eager to learn why their relationships are not what they want them to be, and how to get past these issues.

Thank you for your help!
Mark Deo

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