Governed and Guarded by Buffoons

It seems to me that we are being governed and guarded by buffoons. I write this blog as I sit in the Delta Sky Pass Lounge at Chicago Ohare. My flight is delayed 5 hours and after speaking with some of my fellow travelers it looks like I’m the lucky one! All this is a result of the latest “terrorist scare” that dominates the news today. Some wing-nut (who couldn’t look MORE like a terrorist if he dressed-up as one for Halloween)decided to try to light an incendiary device while on final approach. He was apprehended by a few civilians, no thanks to our multi-billion dollar TSA system. Nothing against the TSA officers who are merely attempting to do the jobs they were hired to do. Yet I have to wonder who is in charge of hiring these folks. They don’t seem to have the intellect to count the number of fries in a Happy Meal. That coupled with our fearful leaders in Washington who seem more focused on protecting the rights of foreign born middle-eastern nationals than they do with protecting our safety. What will it take for the Americans who are paying their salaries to rise-up and demand that politicians fulfill their obligation to make decisions for the majority rather than out of fear of offending the many minorities in this country. My heart goes out to all of you who are traveling this holiday season. Please have a safe journey despite the stupidity which you are surely contending with.

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