Four Keys to Effective Marketing Communication

In our business update last week we looked at how product re-engineering is at the heart of marketing. This week I want to focus on the communication aspects after we do re-engineer our product or service. Below I have outlined the four simple keys to effective marketing communication.

1. Communicate the Benefits
It is difficult for customers today to determine how your product or service is differs from your competition in terms of benefits. This creates a big problem in understanding and application. Therefore your marketing goal needs to be to clearly show how you provide uniquely different benefits. Stop talking about the features and capabilities of your product or service. Customers are interested in the end result. Instead of talking about WHAT your product will do, talk about the results that the customer can expect. This restores the consumer’s trust and confidence and gives them a reason to buy.2. Refine the Articulation
This is where we use communication tools to refine the articulation of the message. What will be our “exclusive claims?” What specific evidence will we use? How will we build conviction? How will we position the solution so that the client or prospect has no other logical or emotional choice but to select us over the competition?3. Use Repetition
Repetition is the mother of learning. Successful marketing campaigns are well-thought out programs that are executed with timing and precision. Therefore selecting the right media and the ways in which the message will be communicated is so critical. Systematically getting our message out in front of prospects and clients allows us to plant the seed and water it.4. Be Consistent
A consistent marketing message is critical to building brand recognition, top-of-the-mind-awareness and all of the other psychological factors which are necessary to persuade someone to choose YOU. Assuming we do have something remarkable and worth recommending we must find a way to encourage our partners and stakeholders to communicate this consistently.To all of my clients, subscribers, listeners and class members have a blessed and happy holiday season. I look forward to a great new year with exciting challenges and rewards for all of us.

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