One of the rules of Attraction is: “Who we are is more important than what we do.”

There are a number of intangible traits that define “who we are” or “who our company is.” Some of the most critical are: Enthusiasm, Integrity, Vision, Selflessness and Identity. When the perception of these intangible’s are regarded highly in the minds of others, we automatically become more attractive regardless of the quality or value of our product or service. Of course it goes without saying that our product has to have some value and perform with a reasonable degree of performance. However far more important are these intangible traits. In this Business Update I want to address one of those intangibles… Enthusiasm.

People are drawn to a person or a company with genuine enthusiasm. It allows us the luxury of NOT needing to chase clients or forcefully pursue relationships. Those displaying authentic enthusiasm seem to be able to magnetically draw to themselves the right circumstances, relationships and resources.

While enthusiasm is an important component of attraction it must be REAL. There’s nothing worse than forced or phony enthusiasm. Nothing will turn people off faster. Today Emeril Lagasse is probably the best-known chef in America, if not the world. How did it happen? “Emeril’s vision and genuine enthusiasm has accounted for the phenomenal growth of the company,” says Eric Linquest, Emeril’s vice president, general manager. “We started the first restaurant with about 40 employees, and now we have 20 times that number. Believe me, Emeril has always known how to take advantage of every opportunity.” The charismatic Emeril has been delighting audiences for years with his unrestrained approach to the joy of cooking on the Food Network show, Emeril Live. Even the dullest cooking chores can be exciting to watch when — Bam! — Emeril adds his personality. There is no doubt that Emeril‘s enthusiasm is REAL! He does what he likes to do best — he gets his entire audience involved and excited about food and cooking. His bubbling enthusiasm is evident every time I watch him. Compare Emeril with other celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Nathalie Dupree and the late Julia Child and while they may have actually been “more accomplished” in the culinary arts, they were not nearly as compelling, interesting or attractive. Emeril is a great example of rule # 11 in action. Truly, who Emeril IS increases his level of attraction far more than what he DOES.

Sometimes it’s not so much what we say but “how” we say it. And no one says it like Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. You get pumped-up just watching Steve wander through the bush talking about a beak-billed platypus. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and I can tell you that his enthusiasm is not only real and genuine it was born out of experiences in his youth with all types of animals. 

His enthusiasm is born out of a genuine caring for the plight of the world’s wildlife. Irwin says his love affair with the beasts of the bush began on his sixth birthday when he received the birthday present that he always wanted – his very own scrub python! It was twelve feet long and while most other children were opening cans of pet food for their cats or dogs, Steve was out catching fish and hunting rodents to feed to his crocodiles and snakes. 

Sometimes Steve’s enthusiasm is a little over the top. Recently there was a worldwide outcry which accompanied the release of TV footage showing Irwin holding his infant son in one arm while feeding a chicken carcass to a twelve foot saltwater crocodile named Murray with the other hand. His reply: “I was in complete control of the croc.” 

Crikey! That was close.

There is not a moment that Steve isn’t displaying his enthusiasm for these animals. On camera or off he is literally on-fire for their way of life. Even the photo-stills that we see of Steve in print ads, product endorsements and on web sites show him with a surprised and shocked look on his face as he wrestles with a croc or holds a python at bay. Now that’s enthusiasm!

Over the years there have been many imitators of Irwin’s paradigm. One only needs to tune into the Animal Planet to see the numerous shows that have been patterned after the Crocodile Hunter. There is no doubt that genuine enthusiasm has its rewards. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie’s government nominated Irwin for Australian of the Year and he has built a billion dollar industry out of absolutely nothing. He has created a product that is literally – HIMSELF. It’s not so much what he does that has us sitting at the edge of our chair, it is WHO HE IS that engages us. Despite the controversy swirling around Irwin, he demonstrates the power of enthusiasm in creating positive and continuing attraction. 

My advice to everyone reading this is to think about what you can do to add just a little more enthusiasm to what you do. You don’t have to be Steve Irwin or act like Emeril but in your own way try to incite just a touch more passion in those you meet.

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