Apple Does A Good Job of Exclusive Positioning & “Unique Selling Proposition”. New iPhone Ad Targets Small Business.

Apple is focusing its new iPhone advertisements on Small Businesses. Since the Apple App Store opened 10 months ago for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it is now approaching its 1 billionth download. Consumer demand caused about 110 million “apps” to be downloaded each month.

Apple has done a good job in their key changes to the iPhone’s functionality from a business standpoint (I.E. – push email, calendar & contacts capabilities, and compatibility with Microsoft Exchange). The new changes include the the ability to: process credit-card transactions using Inner Fence’s Credit Card Terminal application, print a shipping label for a package using the Print & Share app,and check on the status of delivery with the FedEx Mobile app.

Granted, Apple is catering to the demand of more “apps” to download, however Apple does a good job of using a “Unique Selling Proposition” to target Small Business. When thinking about your business, ask yourself:

I. What sets you apart from the crowd?

II. What do you do that no one else does?

Apple has positioned themselves to be the exclusive solution for Small Businesses to do business faster using technology. Blackberry started it’s version of the iPhone App Store called the Blackberry App World. App world has less than 1,000 applications compared with the 31,000 available for the iPhone.

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