Leadership Isn’t for Cowards

Just wanted to make everyone ware of a great book… “It’s Not MY Fault!” Seven Ways Leaders Can Unearth (and Neutralize) the Fear That Lurks Behind the Blame Game by Mike Staver.
Many organizations are plagued by fingerpointing and responsibility dodging and this is poisoning their culture. The book explains that fear-based leadership lurks at the heart of the blame game. It outlines what leaders can do to overcome their own fears and find their courage—and help their followers do the same.
Removing fear and establishing a take-responsibility culture begins with leaders. Once you have let followers know that you are on their side and want them to win—while establishing that you won’t settle for anything less than the highest degree of execution and performance—they’ll begin to adopt your fearless attitude.
“Acknowledging that you are ultimately responsible for the results of your life, thoughts, and actions creates a level of freedom not experienced by those who choose to blame others,” he adds. “It empowers you to act. Courageous leaders are driven by, even obsessed with, the imperative to eliminate excuse making and blame from themselves and their organizations.”