Co-creator of ACT! to appear on the Small Business Hour

I just wanted to let you know that this coming Monday,
October 24th I’ll be interviewing Mike Muhney, the co-creator of ACT! We’ll
discuss ways to create lasting relationships that go beyond basic on-line
connections.  Tune in at on Monday
at 4 PM to hear this show.
We also recently interviewed Steve Strauss, author of The
Small Business Bible about creative ways to fund your small business. You can
browse our library with highlights from our years on CBS Radio and our last two
years of online exclusive shows on our website at, or find
us on iTunes at
I hope you can tune in, and if you have any suggestions
for future topics for the show, please send me an e-mail to let me know. 

Factoring replacing traditional funding

Today I was quoted in an article in Bloomberg Businessweek on factoring as a method of funding for small businesses.  Unfortunately, many small businesses find themselves forced to turn to factors for funding. Here is my quote from the article:

Mark Deo, Torrance (Calif.)-based executive director of the consulting firm Small Business Advisory Network, says many entrepreneurs he consults with have turned to factoring, not only because they lack access to credit but also because they are having problems getting new business. “Factors are oftentimes the only source of funding for desperately needed cash, but it is very sad that business owners who have worked for years to build their businesses are entertaining factoring just to fund new purchases, equipment, or improvements,” he says.

You can read the full article here.  Leave me your comments on factoring below, or send me an e-mail with your thoughts.