Why Business Don’t Plan

In my opinion small businesses resist strategic planning not so much because they are immersed in the day-to-day tactical issues (which is true)  but rather because of their lack of discipline. They have not seen a direct correlation between their planning efforts and elevated results. It is our responsibility as professional consultants to help your client see the tangible value of the time and effort they spent doing planning. This requires taking them back to look at specific decisions of the past and recognizing how valuable it was (or could have been) for them to gather information, analyze the facts and work with their people to plan the key steps of their approach and implement according to the plan. 

Faster isn’t Better

What can we learn from NASCAR racing? Well I’m not a NASCAR fan, in fact I can’t name even one driver.  But what I do know is that faster cars don’t necessarily win NASCAR races. Faster pit-stops do! I think we can apply these methods to running our business. Most of us, including myself can often be found running to and fro attempting to get as much of that proactive time as we can. Often we find that we barely have time to REACT to all the stimulus hitting us on a daily basis. But if we could just knock down the speed for an hour or so we may find that we actually discover a way to get more done faster without actually DOING it. Sometimes we have to LET things evolve before we jump in and hurry to fix what’s wrong!

Sully’s plane on the street where I grew-up

flight 1549 final trip -1512381992_v2.grid-6x2 When I saw this photo I nearly fell out of my chair. This is the street where I grew-up in downtown Newark, NJ. Not something to brag about. It was good to see Captain Sully’s plane rolling down that street. If anyone is the picture of great leadership it is Sully himself!