Recruitment Tip #253

Before investing your limited time interviewing candidates, carefully consider YOUR desired profile for each position:
1. The desired staff member tenure according to the current and future department needs
2. Cost and time required to train and retrain replacements
3. Loss of intellectual equity when someone leaves the department
4. Impact on customers with a constantly changing staff
5. Impact on fellow employees who are constantly training new people and possibly lose focus of their own responsibilities

Don’t modify the position to fit the person, find the person that fits the position.

Small Business Hour

I’ve been lucky enough to have some exceptionally great guests on the Small Business Hour lately, and I’d like to encourage all of my readers to check out the shows. You can listen to customer service improvement expert Barry Moltz, employee retention guru Dawn McCooey, and in just two weeks I’ll be joined by legendary business author Harvey Mackay. Check it out at